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S.N September 2021

It was lovely to meet Laura today. Warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable. The test was very interesting and laura explained things so well, it was also quick and easy. It’s such a huge relief to discover which foods have been causing problems and be given a plan for a way forward. Huge thanks.

S.B June 2021

Had two visits with Laura. Very positive experience and very helpful. Already seeing good results and hopefully more to come. Laura is professional and knowledgable.

R.C April 2021

Since having my intolerance test with Laura and cutting out various foods I have definitely noticed a good difference within my body. I no longer feel so ill after eating. I also feel much healthier.

Laura was so friendly and welcoming I felt so at ease. I was very poorly on our first visit and Laura didn't rush me or make me feel bad about being ill. She looked after me :).

Thank you Laura

J.M February 2021

I had the food intolerance test today with Laura and I was fascinated with how it works. It was my first time meeting Laura and she was so lovely and made me feel like I’d known her forever. I was so pleased to finally learn what foods are bad for my body and what vitamins I’m lacking in so I can now sort out my health and hopefully feel better soon. I can’t recommend Laura enough she’s amazing. Thank you xx

S.U October 2020

It was a great pleasure meeting Laura! Laura was able to identify certain tolerances I didn't even know I had. I would definitely recommend a check up if you have any foods your wary of.

K.H August 2020

A big thank you to Laura! It has been four weeks since my intolerance test indicated I am sensitive to various things, and after cutting them out of my diet I have noticed a real improvement in my health and energy levels. The actual test itself was fascinating, easy and pain free! I also thought Laura's service offered great value for money, as she provided me with some helpful tips on my diet and nutrition, as well as advice on my vitamin intake, too! The whole appointment felt very relaxed, Laura is really professional and great at explaining the test and it's results. Thank you again! So glad I did this :)

C.C July 2020

Hi just wanted give you some good news about my sister, after you did the test we got Rachael on a plant based diet no more fizzy drinks, foods with high potassium were cut because of kidney failure as we were originally told she would need dialysis 3 times a week, I also researched a guy who reversed his stage 5 kidney failure as rachael were stage 5 too, well 6 months later she has been told her kidneys are stage 4 nearly 3 due to plant based diet drinking water and exercise, she has lost weight feels so much better everyday now, if it wasn't for your test we wouldn't have got her on the plant diet yes my research was worth it too and making sure she kept to the diet, it will be great to get her tested again see what's what etc, thankyou your help & advice has probably saved her life but rachael has put great effort into having a better future, thanks again we look forward to seeing you soon x Carl

B.C March 202​0

Great to meet Laura today. Warm and welcoming. Provided a thorough servic​e explaining exactly what she was doing throughout out the assessment. Iv learnt I have many intolerances I was unaware of. She provided me with a detailed plan moving forward to prevent my symptoms. Highly recommended. Many thanks

M.L March 2020

Laura helped me understand why I was feeling bloated and fatigued. I now know I have an intolerance to yeast and I'm feeling better already. Laura is friendly, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable, if you have any doubt about your dietary needs, I can highly recommend seeing Laura

C.P Jan 2020

What an interesting and informative hour I had with Laura. I have been avoiding all the wrong food triggers, so now start afresh armed with the correct info. So pleased to NOT be intolerant of so many things! My plan of Crohns management without the drugs has begun, thanks Laura.

B.G November 2019

Had a very interesting positive meeting with Laura! She was friendly and helpful. I learned a lot and will be taking her advice! I look forward to feeling much better over time.

L.S October 2019

Very helpful and informative, would definitely recommend seeing Laura it worked for me.

J.T September 2019

I had a great session today; based on the sensitivities identified I feel confident my new diet plan will help me to feel my best. Would highly recommend.

A.I September 2019

I would recommend to everybody, such a quick and easy test and to get results immediately was very helpful. 

C.H August 2019

Myself and my husband both had the test .. very interesting as to what came out of it .. Laura was very informative and interesting to listen to.. we have taken on board what she suggested as changes to our diet and have already implemented a couple of them .. would highly recommend if you have any concerns about how your diet is working with your body

V. L December 2018

Laura was very welcoming and informative

K.F December 2018  

My Partner and me went to see Laura a couple of months ago and received a very warm welcome, although we haven't started 100% of avoiding the food we should, we have noticed a difference when we do eat it and how we feel. We would recommend anyone suffering or just interested in a better lifestyle to visit Laura. She was enthusiastic about her job and very knowledgeable. we wouldn't have known where to start without her recommendations. 

J.N November 2018

All I can say it's worth it! I have been suffering from a lot of pain, discomfort. I have been to the docs and was advised of a food diary for 4 weeks! That I didn't follow. I heard about Laura and thank goodness I found her, from the minute I walked into her home she made me feel so comfortable and welcome. We got on with the test painfree and so easy for me all I had to do was sit there and hold a piece of equipment. Since seeing Laura I'm a changed man!! I have lost 1st and still going.. I feel so much better within myself and look better. I was dairy and gluten intolerant. It's been so easy to ease myself off and find replacements Laura gave me a list of what items she has found that I could try and they are all perfect. So Laura thank you so much for your help. James 

M.P November 2018

Thank you for such a beautiful and friendly experience. As soon as I walked in I felt the welcoming atmosphere. I gained so much knowledge and more about myself. 

M.B October 2018

Warm, welcoming and the session together is not rushed. Laura takes the time to explain everything to you 👌

  S.C October 2018 

Laura is a lovely lady and made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked through the door, very helpful and knowledgeable and made some brilliant suggestions for my diet change. I would definitely recommend her! 

 L.J September 2018 

My husband and I visited Laura after my husband had been suffering from a persistent dry cough and loss of energy for almost a year. Doctors at our local surgery and at the hospital could not pit point the cause after many tests, including CT scans and an ECG. All they could say that it was probably a virus but they were surprised it had not cleared up yet. I have an intolerance to sulphites, which means that when i drink wine, for example, i suffer hayfever like symptoms. I asked the specialist at the hospital if my husbands problem could be a food intolerance but this was dismissed immediately. My stubbornness refused me to be so easily dismissed and after seeing a Facebook post, i contacted Laura to see if she could test us. I was only really going for moral support. We found Laura to be very friendly and welcoming and she immediately put us at ease. After a quick chat, Laura began her testing which was painless and she explained what was happening as she went. We both were diagnosed with dairy intolerance and low vitamin B. Although my husband was sceptical, we reduced our dairy intake and were dairy free in about 10 days. We also started taking a plant based supplement as recommended by Laura. I didn't realise I had symptoms until I went dairy free. I realised that when i did have dairy, I would feel bloated and my digestive system felt sluggish. I had never acknowledged this before . More importantly, after 4 weeks my husbands cough is almost non existent and his energy levels returning. He has started running again and playing golf, neither of which he would even consider a couple of months ago. I so wish we had done this sooner, my husband is so grateful that I made him go, and to Laura for her professionalism and diagnosis. The after care booklet she gave us, is often referred to and we will go back in a few months to check our vitamin levels. I can not rate Laura highly enough!  

P.D September 2018 

Laura is a lovely knowledgeable practitioner and was able to detect already known intolerances which I had purposely not declared previously to her... I have made a couple of switches to my lifestyle choices following my test results and feel more energised already ... I will continue to follow the advice given and I would highly recommend this lady to anyone.