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Bioresonance Scanning

Have you ever heard about bioresonance scanning device by Life Expert?

Nowadays we are affected by the environment; the food we eat, the water we drink and our habits. Do you think it all has a positive impact on our health? Do you know exactly how we are being influenced every day and what is going on with our entire body and every organ taken separately?

What if I tell you that it can be controlled today? It can be monitored with WebWellness system by using Life Expert bioresonance scanning device without visiting a doctor.

Testing 47 major organs and systems, Life Expert device allows us to get a comparative analysis with the help of an intelligent PC software demonstrating how our organism reacts to such factors.

If the body is unable to adapt itself to external impacts, the risk of having a disease increases. Life Expert helps to identify weak spots and possible changes in organs and systems during the early stages.

Test results are displayed in the WebWellness application which is easy to read and understand for any person and does not require any special medical knowledge. At the same time, a PDF report can be created and printed out.

The main principal lies in the measurement of electrical conductivity parameters in biologically active points; hands, feet and head. They carry information on the state of organs and systems interrelated with them and serve to assess a body reaction to any kind of impact in real time. This is "the six-leads" principle according to a German scientist Dr. Reinhard Voll*.